Do-It-Yourself Printer Repair

Maybe your tech guy’s out of the office-or you’re at home, and at home you don’t have a help desk on call. Here are a few tips on how to fix your own printer-no tech department required.

Keep the user’s manual. If you’ve got an incomprehensible code popping up on your printer or computer screen when you try to print, it’s likely the meaning of that code can be found in the printer Repair manual.

Look on the manufacturer’s website. Okay, so you threw out the manual when you bought the printer-or you can’t find it. No big deal. Check the manufacturer’s website and see if the directions are there.

Look online. Go onto Google and do an online search for the problem or error code-along with the manufacturer’s name and the printer’s model.

Make sure the printer is plugged in. If you can’t connect to the printer, make sure it’s plugged in-and the outlet is working.

Turn it on. You’d be surprised how many times help desks get calls about malfunctioning printers and computers-only to find the equipment isn’t responding because it isn’t turned on.

Check the connections. If your printer and computer aren’t connected, the printer won’t receive transmissions from the computer to print.

If your printer malfunctions, you don’t have to call the experts. Most of the time, the problem is something simple that you can fix yourself-if you have the right information. If you keep your manual and make sure to keep your printer clean and well-maintained, you should be able to keep your printer in working order-and fix it when it breaks.

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