Wooden Toilet Seats – Make Your Toilet Classy For Less

The name really does give it away. Wooden China cnc machining just like the name suggests are toilet seats made out of either solid wood or of a composite material with a finish that makes it look like wood. A number of times the less-expensive wooden seats will be made up of particle board and then polished to mimic the look and the style of solid wooden toilet seats. Most people have this set idea of what a wooden loo seat will look like and it usually involves a light-colored toilet seat or a dark colored one that mimics the look of Oak.

The idea of combining toilet units made out of vitreous china or in the old days white porcelain with a wooden seat is something that goes back a number of years. Even before that the way they used to cover toilets was with rudimentary seats made out of wood. Nowadays wood seats are cut out of wood planks usually by using CNC milling machines which are computer controlled and fed with a preset design – in this case the design of a toilet seat. Once the seat has been cut out of the plank it is then coated and polished with a layer of varnish. To accentuate the authentic old-time look of a wooden lavatory seat it is important that you choose the right kind of hinges for your toilet. The standard way to set it up is to use brass hinges with darker colored woods and nickel hinges with lighter colored woods like pine.

Just like toilets, wood seats are available in a wide range of choices. These choices are not limited to size or material used but extend to the type of toilet that you are buying the seat for. Whether it is a round or an elongated toilet you will always find one that fits the toilet bowl you have in mind.

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